7 Best Soundbar under 10000 in India 2024

Best Soundbar under 10000

Best Soundbar under 10000-Music plays a great role in human life. It makes us happy when we are sad and also makes us enjoy the time more happening. Today, people love to listen to music out loud as it helps us to keep all the unpleasant things of our life away from us. It is because of these reasons many inventions have been made so that one can grab all the important essence of music such as speakers, earphones, etc. The soundbar is such an incredible invention that puts the impacts of all other forms of equipment to listen to music blur.

A list of 7 best soundbar under ₹ 10000 in India

It has proven as a great revolution made in the world of sound engineering. If you aren’t well aware of the role of a soundbar in one’s happening life then you must now be knowing anything about this latest equipment. A soundbar is a kind of speaker that projects audio out of a wide enclosure. It comes in a unique shape and if you want to get the best music experience then this can absolutely fulfil your wants.

There is a wide variety of soundbars available in the market and it ranges from the least possible prices from 3k to 20k or more than that. If you are thinking that only by paying more money you can get the experience in a better way then keep this worry aside. Today we have come up with Best Soundbar In India Under 10000. This doesn’t mean that they are inferior to other costly soundbars rather they can resolve all our purposes without making you go beyond your expected budget.

Best Soundbar under 10000

Where the importance of soundbars lies?

Soundbars are made for those who love to spend their leisure time listening to the music of their choice. Although you may have a number of people who won’t like soundbars and cheating noise, it perfectly goes with any occasion to create the mood for the event. Music is something that needs to be thought beyond any natural expectations. There comes the need for a soundbar.

Today, we have come up with 7 most popular and Best Soundbar Under 10000 In India. Let’s check the features in detail hereunder.

1.Philips 4000 Series HTL4080 80W Bluetooth Soundbar

Channel speaker2.1
Output power80 watts
Connectivity typeWireless, HDMI
Product dimensions7 × 9.2 × 96 cm
Item Weight6.9 kg
Mounting hardwareSoundbar,Subwoofer,User manual, Remote control
TunerFM radio

If you want to get incredible and the Best Soundbar Under 10000 In India then going for this one introduced by Philips will be much more desirable for you. you can get an excellent sound with all the new features in it. Its big and bold sound provided by its compact wireless subwoofer makes every beat of the music so clear and enjoyable.

It is very easy to accommodate anywhere whether it is about mounting on a wall, or TV table, or any other surface. Moreover, it provides wireless settings to make it convenient to connect anywhere with any device and also makes it portable to use.

It comes in a low-rise profile to make it look perfect while setting it up in front of your TV. It the designed in an amazing way and thus makes the interior look promising whenever you get it installed.

  • Perfectly comes within the budget.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Easy accommodation.
  • Compact wireless subwoofer for bigger and better bass.
  • Controllable by HDMI ARC easily only with your TV remote.
  • Can be placed in front of the TV because of its Low-rise profile.
  • Comes only in Black color.

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2.Blaupunkt SBW100 120Watts Wired Soundbar

Channel speaker2.1
Output power120 watts
Connectivity typeBluetooth, USB, AUX, HDMI-ARC
Product dimensions80 × 5 × 6.5 cm
Item Weight5.95 kg
Mounting hardwareremote control
TunerFM radio

Blaupunkt is one of the new brands that has gained its popularity for outstanding designs and features in electronic items. It is a German-based brand that gets whispered in the world with its cutting edge technology for audio. Their new soundbar has made an amazing response in India.

Blaupunkt SBW100 comes with 120 watts of wired connectivity and many other latest features make it the  Best Soundbar Below 10000. It fills up the room with its outstanding cinematic surround sound quality that feels like the music going on around. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity to let us connect with any of our favorite devices.

All the features of this soundbar can be controlled by your hand only and thus, everything remains in your hand. Moreover, it has a special Blaupunkt EQ mode that facilitates you with multiple music modes such as News, Music, 3D, Movie, etc. In short, with its exciting features and amazing sleek European designs make it perfectly compatible for any interior.

  • Germen build designs and technology.
  • 120 watts consumption.
  • Blaupunkt EQ mode for different genres like Music, Movie, 3D, etc.
  • Controlled by your hands.
  • Cost-effective and easy to afford.
  • Wired connectivity.

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3.Blaupunkt SBW02 100W Wired Dolby Soundbar

Channel speaker2.1 Dolby
Output power100 watts
Connectivity typeBluetooth, AUX,HDMI-ARC,TOSLINK(Digital Optical)
Product dimensions80 × 6.7 × 6.7 cm
Item Weight7 kg
Mounting hardwareremote control
TunerFM radio

The iconic German Based brand Blaupunkt has now developed a new range of soundbars that will completely fulfil your expectations to listen to music in the way you want. It has been serving with the best electronic gadgets since 1924.

The outstanding features and absolutely affordable prices make their products always preferable by people all over the world. This SBW02 Blaupunkt soundbar has become very much popular in India because of its cost-effective nature and amazing features to feel the music whole-heartedly.

This  Best 5.1 Soundbar In India Under 10,000 is available with digital Dolby HD sound that gives the audio newer heights of satisfaction. It has 100watt sound offerings that keep you indulged with the musical notion always whenever you listen to any.

It offers a truly cinematic experience that you will feel like you are in the theatre while using this soundbar at home for watching movies. You will also get great connectivity options with Optical IN, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, AUX-In, etc. You will get the ease of operating the device with its fully functional remote with various music modes such as treble, volume, bass, play, etc. In short, It is a perfect combination of advancements and affordability for any household.

  • Amazing features with the latest design.
  • A wide array of connectivity with HDMI, Optical In, AUX-In, etc.
  • Full control with a remote.
  • 100watt sound power.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Digital Dolby HD sound.
  • Short bluetooth range.

4.JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar

Brand JBL
Channel speaker2.1
Output power30 watts
Connectivity type Bluetooth,AUX
Product dimensions85.5 × 14.5 × 12.5 cm
Item Weight1.4 kg
Mounting hardwareremote control
TunerFM radio

JBL is one of the most renowned musical instruments’ brands in India. It has become famous for its outstanding sound quality and long-lasting functioning. Unlike other instruments, this Bar studio wireless soundbar has also gained a lot of popularity in the region. Raging from the convenient operation to its cost-effective nature, it is an all-round gadget to satisfy our craze for music.

This soundbar introduced by JBL is an all-in-one system. You will get an inbuilt bass port design with it along with the superior surround sound.  This is one of the Best Soundbars With Woofer Under 10000.

It also comes with AUX cable and Optical cable to give us ease of playing it anywhere we want. It is perfectly portable and you can also stream music wirelessly. You can use the soundbar only with your TV remote control. It’s (W x H x D): 614x58x86(mm)\24.2×2.3×3.4 inches soundbar dimension makes it conveniently accommodate anywhere we want.

  • All-in-one Soundbar with inbuilt dual bass port design.
  • Wireless Bluetooth music streaming.
  • Comes with AUX cable and Optical cable.
  • Portable.
  • Works efficiently with TV remote control.
  • Doesn’t work with Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth range is very little.

5.Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

Channel speaker2.1
Output power80 watts
Connectivity typeBluetooth,Wireless,USB,AUX
Product dimensions95.4 × 53.6 × 27.4 cm
Item Weight13.7 kg
Mounting hardwareremote control
TunerFM radio

This is one of the Best Soundbars For Tv Under 10000. You can enjoy all the leisure you want without much bothering about your expenses. JBL is famous for its outstanding devotion in creating excellent musical instruments whether it be headphones, earphones, speakers, home theatres, or anything else. Infinity Sonic B200WL is one such incredible creation by JBL that is adopted by the Indians whole-heartedly.

With 160watts peak power, this soundbar gives a great experience to any genre of music. It comes with a powerful subwoofer that gives a deep bass sound. It also offers wireless connectivity for a subwoofer and for music stream, in. You can play your favourite music anywhere either with Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

The package contains Optical and AUX cable to facilitate you conveniently play the music of your choice anywhere anytime. This also offers remote control to allow us to multiple functions. It is absolutely worth spending such a little amount for the love for our music.

  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth.
  • Comes with inbuilt powerful subwoofers.
  • Multiple functioning remote.
  • 160 watts peak power sound.
  • Package contains Optical and AUX cable.
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Bluetooth range is very low.
  • Size is relatively bigger to accommodate anywhere.

6.BoAt Aavante Bar 1500  

If your budget is low and you are afraid of getting a great product to satisfy your love for music then this Best Soundbar In India Under 10000 by Boat can eradicate all of them.

The boat is known for its cost-effective rates and outstanding features that create a revolution in the musical world. So with this BoAt Avante Bar which can also be called an outstanding Home theatre. It has become very much famous in India because of its latest features and trendiest designs.

With 1 year of warranty, this soundbar claims to perform conveniently and efficiently for you and your musical love. It has 120watt powerful sound effects with an inbuilt bass subwoofer.

You can feel every beat of the music while listening to it with this exclusive soundbar. No matter whether you are sitting in a small or large room, this product will give you great ease of feeling the power and essence of music to the fullest.

It comes with a 2.1 channel surround sound that gives you a complete cinematic experience and enhances your entertainment value perfectly. Its sleek design with the premium finish makes it perfectly compatible with any interior.

  • Amazing sleek design with perfect finishing.
  • Affordable to anyone.
  • Multiple connectivity modes.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Inbuilt bass subwoofer.
  • Bigger in size.

7.Boat AAVANTE Bar 1700D

Channel speaker2.1
Output power120 watts
Connectivity typeWireless,Bluetooth, USB, AUX,HDMI
Product dimensions96 × 7.8 × 7.3 cm
Item Weight6.4 kg
Mounting hardwareremote control
TunerFM radio

With awesome designs and affordability, this Boat Aavante Bar 1700D has caught the attention of the people of India to a great extent. It comes with 1-year of warranty and you can get any manufacturing damage repaired conveniently from any nearby service centre.

It has 2.1 channel captivating sound with Dolby Digital or Digital Plus technology. You will get full control of the playback with the master remote control device. You can also access the device both with wireless and wired connectivity and also get multiple entertainment forms such as 3D, News, Music, etc.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • 2.1 channel captivating sound with Dolby Digital / Digital Plus technology.
  • Both audio and visual experience of music.
  • Connectivity is available in both wireless and wired ways.
  • Multiple forms of entertainment.
  • HDMI ARC cable isn’t available.
  • Not compatible with Wi-Fi.


Buying the best at affordable ranges is the wants of every individual. If you are a music lover and want to get a great experience in terms of listening to music with awesome instruments then this guide to the best Dolby Atmos soundbar under 10000 can be very much beneficial for you. Order now and experience music in all-new ways.

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